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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amazonian Safari

I decided to wear a skirt I don't wear often. I had forgotten about it actually, but I saw the shirt and was "wow, this would go great with that" so here we go. I like the necklace, super awesome and gives the look a more amazonian kind of feel. Or so I want it to, anyway :D. My shoes will forever be sandals. I'm sorry for their overuse, but they are my only pair of sandals.

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Target
Belt: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Gift shop in Savannah, GA
Lipstick: MAC "Spice It Up" (it's Lustre)
 Ok, so no one would wear this on a safari...except me. I need to be fashionable, even when mauled by a lion (I wish I was going on safari). I like the earthy tones and this skirt. This shirt is super old, I never wore it because I didn't really like embellished things; I always thought it looked kind of gaudy, but now I see the light! I'm glad I kept this shirt.

Just letting you guys know, I fell off my bed today. Most embarrassing thing ever. My roommate was RIGHT THERE. Ugh FML.

I promise I'm getting a camera. I just got a gift card to get a new one since mine has forsaken me in a dire time of need of it. 

...I use this belt too much don't I? SORRY! It's kind of my only one. Everyone has such nice belts; all leather and shiny and pretty. I get TJ Maxx belts. Haha, but it goes well with most of my outfits, so I guess I can't really complain. 

CHUNKY NECKLACES FTW!! Yeah, I think I do like this shirt. Sorry for the bra strap slip. Oh, well.

I LOVE the bottom of this skirt. I don't know why, but it's just so girly and pretty. The pattern is also pretty awesome. Target has some good stuff. It was on sale, too. I got it kind of a while ago for like...4 bucks or something. Also, my legs aren't that tiny, I don't know what happened there. PICTURE MAGIC.

What I use to "put my face on." I got this face thing at Walmart for 5 dollars. It's Elf apparently, I didn't notice. It was just really cheap. I think it was a student survival makeup thing. Thank god for back to school sales.

Me without glasses. I can't see fo' shiznits. Seriously, this is my
"did I push the button?" face... it's adorable, I know.

In other news I GOT MY BAG FROM sweetie2sweetie. It's so adorable! I love it. Like, seriously, it's the best thing ever. Now, if only my ASOS package would get here...

It went awesome with the outfit. Made my day.
Just letting you guys know, I'm going to Dragoncon in Atlanta. YAY! And I'm dressing up as Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" except, you know, sluttier. So be prepared for those photos. SO EXCITED!!

I may also start posting videos on my blog, too. It's not definite, but I want to try. You guys can hear my funky laugh, awkwardness, and my deep voice (or high pitched, depending on mood and situation. It changes).

                                          Cobra Starship: The City is at War

Ok, just to get some feedback, should I put the music videos on top or leave them where they are at? I don't know if anyone actually listens to them ( I hope they do, cause I love all these songs) but I want to get a feel of how readers actually want a blog to look. I know it's mine and all that, but I put it on the web to share it. If you can't control what's in it, you can at least make sure your head doesn't explode trying to read it.

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