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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day on the town

Ok, just so you guys know, I'm a college freshman going to UGA. GO DAWGS!! You guys can also tell how I live in a dorm because of the small, cluttered space and the fact that I take pictures with a lofted bed behind me, lawl. Anyway, Athens downtown has this store called Cillies Clothing, which is basically a vintage thrift store that sells expensive things. I mean, they sell Louis Vuitton and Coach and Dooney&Burke and lots of other name brand things. They have the cutest purses! I felt like going out and all these blogs I'm reading are really influencing my style, so I decided to be bold and show some skin. I'm really loving this outfit and the skirt is so long and awesome! When I walk upstairs I have to pick it up like I'm a queen, so I don't trip on it like a doofus. Hur hur. I felt super sexy, especially with my awesome hat that I bought at Cillie's for $15. It's super adorable!!

Shirt: Torrid
Skirt: Gift
Shoes: Payless
Hat: Thrifted

I love this Coach purse! I got it as a gift from my ever-loving 2nd mama...or 3rd mama... you add a lot of mothers to your collection when you babysit. But she gives me all these nice things. Gaaahhhh I love her.
My hat on it's own. It's felted and UBER CUTE.

Again, sorry for the horrible quality. A long time ago I did have a camera. Alas, it broke and was carted away to the far reaches of Kodak repair. I'm hoping to get it back soon so I can look semi decent again.

Anyway, to get to downtown I decided to wait for the bus. I love that bus by the way. UGA is so big it has it's own transport system for free (well, actually for like $20,000 but whatever). Sure I can walk the 2 miles to get there... all uphill. I've done it before, but not in these shoes. And with the 97 F weather, I was sweating just sitting down waiting 30 minutes for that damn bus. So yeah, no walking. Anyway when I finally got there I was all hot and nasty. Nevertheless, I found an ADORABLE dress by Xhilaration and felt the trip was definitely worth it. It's an XXL and all black with a Peter Pan collar! Whaaat! I got it for $20 which is not so bad if I say so, since most dresses I buy are usually...$60... I KNOW SO EXPENSIVE!! It's a bit short, but I like showing off a little leg. Plus with Fall and Winter coming up, tights are in my future. So excited! I also bought a vintage "pearl" necklace, I'm pretty sure they aren't real but they will go so great with the dress.

After I went to get food at 5 Guys. Can you believe that was my first time ever? I didn't know how to order lol. It was pretty good, but I finished the burger and couldn't finish the fries. SO MUCH FOOD. It probably didn't help that the burger had two pieces of meat on it. I didn't even know, the lady was asking me all these questions and I think she asked if I wanted two pieces and I just said yes to everything because I didn't know what to do. It didn't cost extra which was weird, but the burger was gooood. With jalapenos? AW YEAH BABY.

I've also been doing a lot of online shopping recently and I don't know why. I'm banning myself from looking at shopping sites. Ugh. I bought this purse from the Etsy store which sells mostly trinkets and bags, but a lot are reasonably priced! Check them out! I bought this bag for only $6.99. Plus, you know, shipping and stuff. But the bag itself was only $6.99, which is really good!

Vintage Dark Brown Mock Croc by Paco Paris Creative Designs

Vintage Dark Brown Mock Croc by Paco Paris Creative Designs

I'm still also waiting for my ASOS things, IMPATIENTLY MIGHT I ADD. Everyday I check my mail, even today and it's Sunday. I'm obsessed. I'm finally putting all my fashion idea's into affect with myself, which means shopping to make outfits I really want.

Also, I signed up for the We Love Colors Curvy Girl of the Month. I hope I win! I've never tried WLC so I really want to. I'm just weary of buying tights online. Do not trust. I'm 6 ft so tights that may be ok size wise aren't ok length wise.

                               Mika: Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

I think I'll add songs like this to the end of my blogs to show how I'm feeling that day... and what inspired me to dress that way. How can you go wrong with this song!? <3


  1. I saw you on Fatshionista on Flickr and thought I'd drop by your blog. And I just listened to that You Are Beautiful Song a few days ago as well! Great minds think alike. Happy modeling.

  2. Thanks for being the first follower ever! Yay!