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Friday, January 20, 2012

A mile long

I've been neglectful. I admit it. I've just been so underwhelmed by my fashion lately, especially since school started again. I really need a photographer, these pictures are horrible. IDK. I'm sorry. And when I do like my outfit, I forget to take pictures, or it's really late and I look fugly. These pics are taken really late and I'm tired as hell.

HOWEVER, I did buy these thigh highs at Torrid and they are awesome! I love them to death. I get stared at by a lot of people, but it's probably because they aren't used to seeing a fat chick in thigh highs unless its porn. Well, I'm no porn star, but I felt friggin' sexy in these. LOVE THEM. These boots aren't very new, got them during Christmas, I've just never wore them in a really fashionable way. I also hemmed these shorts. I thought they were too long for me, I hate long shorts. I just don't feel right in them.

Sweater: Old Navy
Shorts: Thrifted
Boots: Torrid
Thigh Highs: Torrid
Belt: TJ Maxx

As you can see, I've cut my hair. I wanted it to be long, but it was so full of split ends I was actually scared. It's healthier now and I hope it will grow a little faster. The color has faded to a copper as well, but I'm putting off re-dying it since I think it was the color killing it. Also, sorry I look so tired, it's midnight right now.

                              Mumm-Ra: She's Got You High

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