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Friday, December 16, 2011

Crafty Christmas

Haha, I have the same expression in every photo. Ahhhh, well. I kind of forgot to post this outfit before I left for home. Finals are over (thank freaking Jesus) so now I'm home and doing nothing but lazing about and eating. I really like this shirt, it's soooo awesome. It's hard to see, but there is a pussybow on the front. It's a bit see-through, which is awesome cause it gives it a little sex appeal. The shirt is pretty shapeless so it's up to my body to give it a little curvature, which I'm happy to provide. It's a bit big so when I bend over and sit the top goes down and out comes my bra playing peekaboo. Winter has been acting really weird lately. The weather has been super warm, and being in the south, winter is usually freezing. How I'm able to wear shorts outside is kind of scaring me. I even had to take the jacket off because it got really hot. What!? It sucks, cause winter is my favorite season and I'm not even able to enjoy it. But, I guess it's not all that bad since I got to wear this shirt. This came from the the package my grandma sent. I've worn it a couple times, but never took pictures. I actually like this shirt a lot. The socks matched the flower color so I decided to let there be a little color in the outfit. Plaid + flowers = Yay!

Shirt: Gift (K-Mart)
Shorts: Thrifted
Jacket: Sears
Socks: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Payless

Birds are freaking noisy.

I love being home for the holidays. My mom has been getting very crafty since I've been away. My six year old sister had four of her friends over. It was super hectic, but we did a lot of cool stuff. I also decided to make nut milk. I spread the left over almond pulp on some apples with peanut butter and added some shredded coconut... YUM, So good! The jars with sparkles are supposed to be snow globes. My santa got unglued and is now floating about. Oh, well. I also painted my nails and did the newsprint, which turned out pretty good. I hope next time is better. I've also started bedazzling my shoes. When I'm home I turn into a crafty bitch. I also loved the chocolate sprinkle marshmellows.

                                             New Years: Ohbijou

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