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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Wishes

I'm so broke. So, so broke. But I had enough to buy some shirts from this store, which has the best t-shirts ever. However, they only go to a 2x and I don't know how big that really is. Hopefully they fit! Fingers crossed. The sight is really cool cause people actually submit these designs and we vote for ones we like so it really let's people have a variety of shirt designs.

This was a guy t-shirt, but I really liked it.

All the shirts on this site are so awesome. I literally want all of them, but I'm poor as hell right now. Ugh.

Now to show what I've been pining for. I wish I could have all the stuff I wanted, but then I'd be living in a box. Sure I'd look good but... I wish I had infinite monies haha. SIGH. FRUSTRATING.



Other stuff:

MAC fusion pink


T'is a dream most folly, but my wish list isn't extremely long. It's just everything is super expensive lol.

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