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Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy Life is Busy

So much going on guys. I should be writing a paper due tomorrow, but I decided, "nah, blog first, essay later." The mind of a college student. Priorities. I really want to take pictures outside of my dorm, but until I get my charger back, 'tis a dream most folly. Plus I have no one to take my picture. As we all know, I'm not exactly a talkative person with strangers. Hmm...I don't know what to do. ERG.

Dress: Asos
Scarf: Gift (Claire's)


I used to be a total Japan-ophile. I guess I still am kind of.

I can't sneer worth a DAMN.

Also, LOVE the new hair. Only problem is it bleeds everywhere. It looks like someone was murdered on my pillow haha, but whatevs. I think I'll keep it this color for a while so when I get home I'm going to stock up on the hair dye. The dye was L'Oreal Excellence HiColor Red. There was red and red fire, but I chose red. Pretty awesome I think. It's for dark hair, too. AND IT WORKS. If your hair is blonde be prepared for Ariel hair. My underside was blonde so its super red compared to the rest of my hair. Didn't put enough on the tips... haha so it's a gradient of red.                      


                                                   Dead Disco: Metric


  1. Hello! I just found your blog through something. I forgot now... maybe flickr!
    I love your outfit, you look adorable! I hope I don't sound like your grandma, but your remind me of me a little when I was a freshman--I also dyed my hair to a ridiculously awesome bright red color like this. <3
    I couldn't keep it up though, so I went to just highlights of purple. Just as fun though. :D

  2. You are delightful. I'm glad I'm following along. I came here to follow your blog and haha I already was.

  3. Oh, the night after I dye my hair, I always put an old clean towel over my pillow, then no worries.