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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break

Wow, I haven't uploaded anything in forever. Sorry, sorry. I just haven't been feeling it lately, but whatevs. I finally got some photos of me doing something so I figured now was a good time. I love spring break and we went to Destin, Florida, which rocked! It was cloudy for a couple days, but when it was nice, lordy lord was it nice. I'm glad I went, I thought I wasn't doing anything for this spring break. I just didn't like how early it was. I mean, beginning of March? Spring just started! The weather here has been really hot though now. It's such a sudden change and I have to change out my wardrobe soon. Don't need those sweaters anymore.


Bathing Suit: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Costco
Dress: Torrid
Sunglasses: Costco
                              Aberdeen: Cage the Elephant


  1. aww great pictures ^^ u look amazing! love every post in your blog! the outfit is just perfect for u ! heheh ^^come visit my blog and i think we should follow each other!

    1. Ok sure. Also you are so lucky with the Versace for h&m. SO LUUUCKY. I'm jealous, even if it was a while ago.